Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ok so the narrative is out. I haven't read it all yet, it's all printed and waiting for me to read. I do have one question though already.

They say (the government) that having a public enquiry will take away police resources, money etc. However I have just read about the Afghan nationals that hijacked a plane, held people hostage for over 70hrs threatening to blow then up and kill people have been granted asylum here in England... WHAT???!!!

I then read about how much it has cost them -
£2.5 million for the four-day police operation,
£135,000 for the SAS marksmen,
£18,000 for the £200-a-night rooms and food for the hijack victims in an airport hotel,
£100,000 for hotel costs during the initial two-month inquiry,
£300,000 for the initial immigration inquiry into asylum applications,
£30 million for two Old Bailey trials, including 27 barristers and seven translators,
£1 million for appeals against conviction,
£120,000 for housing, benefits and education for the nine hijackers
£2.5 million for asylum appeals

Well where the hell did all this money and resource come from?? Oh that is right people like me who have had to pay to be in this country on a visa and who pay taxes every year but who get bombed on a train while going to work... and then get told I cannot have a public enquiry!

Right... Wrong???!!!
What do you think? I look forward to hearing peoples views on this.

By the way I would just like to add...I have spent the last 10mths trying to not get in political debates, questions etc. My views are mine and everyone has their own. Well I am sorry but enough is enough. I have had to battle this for too long and having the government sit and do nothing for 10mths is really starting to get up my goat!